From IoT Data to Decision: Supporting Safety and Health Intelligence

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What We Are Doing

WearHealth makes sense of IoT and health data to create solutions that help organizations anticipate needs and respond to sudden challenges that involve their customers or employees.
Advanced Analytics: Our proprietary and state of the art cognitive technologies analyze raw IoT and health data in real time.
Dashboards, Apps and Bots: The generated insights are displayed in customized Dashboards, Apps, and bots to improve decision making for our customers.
API: We build modular APIs that can easily be integrated into our customers’ infrastructure.

How We Do It

cloud-computingAI & Machine Learning

Our system is built with proprietary algorithms and cutting-edge cognitive technologies.

cloud-computingSignal Processing
We apply a decade's worth of practical knowledge on translating signal and timeseries data into meaningful information.
cloud-computingAnomaly detection
Our algorithms are able to identify events or states over time that go beyond of what would have been statistically expected.
cloud-computingPredictive Analytics
By modeling IoT and contextual data, we are enabling the discovery of trends and provide actionable insights.
cloud-computingPattern Recognition

We find similarities and trends in unstructured data to detect changes at an early stage.

cloud-computingGesture recognition
By analyzing motion data from wearables we are able to identify specific human movements and interpret actions.

Why We Are Here

We want to help organizations to make better decisions and focus on making people’s lives safer and healthier.
By leveraging sensors, connectivity, and compactness of IoT devices, it is now easier to acquire vast amounts of precision data on health, context and environment. This radically changes the big data strategy of organizations and how they tackle the new challenges in order to improve the quality of services and reducing unnecessary costs.

Use Cases

Risk Assessment for Insurances

Providing analytics from wearables and health data to improve risk assessment and enable insights for personalized services.

Workers Safety Analytics

Providing real-time safety analytics to workforce managers for anticipation and reduction of risks of workers’ injuries by detecting fall detection, measuring stress levels and automating communication.

Predictive Analytics in Health

We provide insights and alerts based on patients’ timeseries data in order to better assess their health progress, in accordance to their unique health profiles.

We Are A Professional Team

  • We are a team of expert data scientists and machine learning engineers driven by the mission of

    #Proactive Health

  • We are a team of expert data scientists and machine learning engineers driven by the mission of

    #Saving Lives

  • We are a team of expert data scientists and machine learning engineers driven by the mission of

    #Supporting Health Intelligence

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