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Smart clothing data allows integrated body-related analysis by measuring and evaluating data about stress, fitness level and poor posture.
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Ambiotex is a Start-up founded in 2013 as a spin off of match2blue GmbH in Germany, which cooperates with the Fraunhofer-Institut for integrated circuits IIS. The mission of Ambiotex is the development of products in the area of wearable technology that go behind heart rate measurements and hand wrist gadgets.

Measuring biometric data.

Use Cases

Ambiotex has its use in the area of personal training, stress management and performance.


The TechUnit as the most important component of ambiotex.


The high-tech shirt ambiotex measures biometric data with medical precision. It tests heart rhythm, breathing pulse quotient, fitness, and determines the individual anaerobic threshold.

Use Cases

The ambiotex shirt recognizes when the user should rest and recharge his energy reserves to prevent stress. It also provides an overview over vital values and improves personal fitness coaching by analysing the user’s daily energy level.


The TechUnit is the heart of the complete system ambiotex and is compatible with any ambiotex shirt. TechUnit and shirt are interconnected easily by extremely strong magnetic buttons, holding both components together. The detected bio-metric data is stored and analysed directly.

The TechUnit consists of the following components:
• Rechargeable battery (running time approximately 24 hours, about 4-5 weeks with average use)
• Electronic circuit with motion sensor
• Processor for TechUnit Software
• Bluetooth-Smart for exchanges between TechUnit and app