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Medical Health Care

WearHealth sustains the overloaded health care system with machine learning, the only solution possible and goes behind wearables. In order to provide a comprehensive tailored service, WearHealth uses both, data from Wearables and data from Medical Devices. Every medical devices with bluetootha are compatible with the PHA thanks to which health parameters can be tracked, analized and adapted in a professional way, keeping health care simple. The PHA supports patients in their everyday life.
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Smart Medical Devices

We connect smart devices with artificial intelligence to improve health.

An easier, better way to take anyone's temperature.

Body Cardio

Heart Health & Body Composition Wi-Fi scale

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor's results have scientific value.

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Urine Osmolality Meter PAL-mOsm

PAL-mOsm. is a digital hand-held compact refractometer to measure Urine Osmolality.

Blood pressure

By connecting with different blood pressure equipment the PHA can assist in the control of hypertension and make patients every day life easier.


Weight and body composition can be measured by instruments such as scales or InBody devices. The connection of these devices to the PHA allows weight control that can prevent, stabalize or heal diseases.

Diabetes Management

By connecting blood glucose instruments with the PHA changes in blood sugar can be spotted and controlled. The PHA can alert patients in case of high glucose levels.

Blood pressure

For certain diseases such as hypertension and heart failure blood pressure needs to be tracked on a daily basis with the medical device designt for this need. Measurement of blood pressure is also relevant for the prevention of strokes or heart attacks because the devise can alert patients even if symptoms are silent. The regular control leads to better disease management which in turn can save lifes.


By connecting to various devices which measure weight and body composition the PHA can spot diseases such as diabetes, obesity or eating disorders. The Personal Health Assistant fosters weight management regardless of wether the user needs to loose, maintain or gain weight. As a result of better weight management disease conditions can be stabalized or improved.


Diabetes Management goes beyond daily and weekly control of blood glucose levels. It also includes the regular checking of blood lipid levels (total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides), blood pressure. microalbuminuria, nervous and circulatory disorders and weight. The values can be registered and analized by the PHA accessing medical devices. The PHA simplifies the management by recalling the controls and making data transmission mor efficient.