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Esteban Bayro Kaiser

CEO / Co-Founder at WearHealth
PhD in AI and Wearable Computing

Stefanos Trialonis

CTO / Co-Founder at WearHealth
M.Sc. Media-Informatics

Sean Mirchi

Machine Learning Engineer at WearHealth
M.Sc. Media-Informatics

Abdullah Al Noman

Data Scientist at WearHealth
M.Sc. Media-Informatics

Barbara Andreon

Business Developer at WearHealth
Ph.D. candidate in Materials Science & Engineering

Diego Soliño Fernández

Business Developer at WearHealth
M.Sc. International Health and Business

Thibaut Buvat

Business Developer at WearHealth
MBA and Aeronautic Engineer

Christian Klann

Digital Health Evangelist at WearHealth
B. Sc. Health Science


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