PHA: Listen. Think. Support.

The artificial inntelligence (AI)-driven platform learns from health experts and data from wearables to empower healt care.

Personal Health Assistant

Our passion is to maximize global health, enabling machines to think and coming up with smart solutions.

Thanks to artificial intelligence the Personal Health Assistant (PHA) is able to learn about its users movements, sounds, habits. Life circumstances change fast so by using AI the personal health assistance adabts on its owm.


The PHA works 24/7 with data from wearable and medical devices. Consecuently, they are the perfect tool to provide personalized and convenient health assistance.

Health Care

For WearHealth, health means life and life happens everywhere. The PHA is with its user anytime and anywhere to collect sensor data, learn from it and provide individualized health assistance.


Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning the PHA gets to know its users’ habits and health problems. Its ability to learn allows adapted solutions for personalized health assistance.

Compatible Assistant

The PHA is compatible with any device, therefore it can support the user regardless of the technology they use. With its ability to run on any device, either a wearable or a medical device, the PHA fits into many different life circumstances.

Data Protection

The collected sensor data is only used for learning and developing personal health solutions. As a consequence, data is just used inside the system and will not be available for any other uses.

Personal Health Assistant

Artificial Intelligence that actively learns on behalf of its user.

We are proud of our work

Nowadays health care is at its tipping point. People are getting older and sicker and the lack of health experts is growing what requires increased support.

WearHealth offers a unique solution to sustain the overloaded health care system. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning WearHealth's AI-driven platform learns from health experts and data from wearables to empower the Personal Health Assistance. In a nutshell, the PHA takes sensor data from anywhere at any time and makes magic.



PHA Use Cases

WearHealth provides a magical health care solution, that learns from health relevant situations in everyday life. By doing that WearHealth is able to provide personalized health assistance in different situations.

Non-compliance is a huge problem in health care, many deaths are caused by taking the wrong medication or not adhering to the prescribed medication. The PHA detects pill intake and improves patient’s self-management. Furthermore, the PHA allows doctors have a direct overview and enhances the doctor-patient relationship. On top of that, thanks to the implementation of the PHA in the everyday life, research gets easier and accurate.


Tobacco is one of the biggest threats in the world which leads to respiratory or cardiovascular diseases,cancer and kills half of the smoking people. The PHA detects smoking habits and is able to provide a realistic plan for its user to reduce or quit smoking. Also, the physiological processes which leads to dependency and psychological factors which influence the smoking behaviour are considered by the PHA.

While in low income countries hunger still causes deaths, the problems of hight-caloric food is increasing worldwide. By detecting eating habits, the PHA can help its user to develop a helathier lifestyle concerning nutrition and reduce the global burden of disease caused by overweight, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, strokes and other diseases influenced by nutrition.