WearHealth relies on professional, healthy and honest relationships

WearHealth works together with globally active companies to promote the health impact of the PHA internationally.


WearHealth works together with globally active companies to promote the health Impact of the PHA internationally. Thanks to good networking a professional exchange between different actors improves the research, developpment and implementation of our health care supporting solution.


Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions. WearHealth is happy to use their IOT platform as well as their wearables.


BearingPoint provides management and technology consulting which links strategies with new technical possibilities. BP develops individual solutions on a personal basis. WearHelath works with BP together in consulting projects regarding health care and digitalization.


Intelligent products through innovation, technology and design for a networked health revolution. Whithings provides wearables to WearHealth for our projects.


Bragi is developing discrete virtual assistants that enable, protect and entertain their user. They provide innovitive wearables to WearHealth.


COBI combines smartphone and bike through intelligent assistance functions - the intelligent networked bicycle system for more safety, comfort and fun. WearHelath wants to bring the Personal Health Assistant to the connected bike.

Chef Ada

Chef Ada Uduma is a former model and patient of Dr. Oz whose specialty is making heart-healthy and delicious recipes. She works together with WearHealth regarding nutrition and exercise advice since her vision is to provide „food for your heart“.