Overweight and Obesity

Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may affect health. The body mass index (BMI) is a simple index which is used for classification. It is a measure to classify body fat based on height and weight. Therefore the weight in kilograms of a person is divided by the square of the height in meters (kg / (m * m)).

BMI above or equal 25


BMI above or equal 30

Overweight and obesity are preventable

Unhealthy body weight is due to the imbalance between caloric intake and calories burnt.


Overweight and obesity are risk factors for diffrent acute and chronic diseases.


The PHA assist in getting and maintaining a healthy body weight.


There are two leading causes of obesity worldwide, high-calorie food (or diet) and physical inactivity. This causes originate in environmental and social changes and in the lack of arrangements in the areas of health, agriculture, transport, urban planning, environment, food processing, distribution, marketing and education.


Overweight and obesity are risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (18% ischaemic heart disease, 35 % myocarditis, 16% stroke, 34% hypertensive heart disease), diabetes (40%), musculoskeletal diseases and various types of cancer (p.e. 12% liver cancer, 8.5% colon cancer, 8% breast cancer, 17.5% esophageal cancer). The risk increases with the rise of the BMI. Obesity in childhood also is associated with a higher chance of obesity and early death in adulthood.

The health care costs caused by preventable chronic diseases, in this case obesity and overweight are immense. In the United States, the current estimation of the costs of healthcare caused by overweight or obesity is 147-210 billion US dollars per year. In addition there are costs caused by increased absenteeism from work and reduced productivity.


Thanks to the PHA daily consumption habits and fitness activities can be tracked and users can receive personalized feedback. This makes it possible to support the user during his lifestyle change and helps him to adapt a healthier lifestyle in long term. The customized PHA can arrange a agreeable plan for weight loss and helps to establish the basis for a healthy body weight which can be maintained for a lifetime.