Hypertension is the condition of elevated blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is between 120 mmHg and 80 mmHg and hypertension is diagnoded when blood pressure levels are equal or above 140 mmHg and 90 mmHg. The continuous raised pressure in blood vessels puts them under increased stress and increases the risk of many diseases, especially cardiovascular. Hypertention is known as the silent killer because is seldom symptomatic.

One out of three adults worldwide suffer from Hypertension.

Hight blood pressure ist the most important cause of stroke (57%) and heart disease (54.1%).

Hypertension is highly preventable.


Hypertension is mainly caused by preventable risk factors.


Hypertension has a dramatical negative impact on heart and blood vessels.


The PHA can assist learning and maintening healthy lifestyle.

Types of Hypertension

Primary hypertension, also named essential hypertension, is idiopathic, which means that the elevated blood pressure can not be explained by a single cause, which is the case for vast majority. In the case of secondary hypertension the cause of the high blood pressure is clearly identifiable.


Smoking tobacco, beeing inactive, hight intake of fat and salt and the abuse of alcool are the main factors causing Hypertension. Beside smoking tobaco also the exposure to tobaco can influence the blood pressure. High intake of fat and salt mostly ist the result of the increasing intake of convenience food. This causes can easily be prevented by adapting a conscious and healthy lifestyle.


Hypertension increases the risk of ischaemic heart diseases (54.1%), enlargement of the heart (100%) and defects in blood vessels in major organs like for example kidney (62%) and brain which often leads to strokes (57%). Also blindness and cognitive impairment are usual consequences of hypertension.


Hypertension can be prevented by eating healthy which means in detail to reduce salt intake to less than 5g per day, eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and avoid saturated fat intake. Tobacco consumption should be stopped and harmful use of alcohol must be avoided which means to consume not more than one standard drink a day. Further, daily physical activity and the development of personal stress management strategies can prevent the unhealthy elevation of blood pressure. Keeping this figures and recommendation in mind, high risk factors can be reduced. The PHA can help to change the lifestyle step by step by detecting when and why the behaviour of the user is against the recommendations.