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Esteban Bayro Kaiser

CEO / Co-Founder at WearHealth
PhD in AI and Wearable Computing

Stefanos Trialonis

CTO / Co-Founder at WearHealth
M.Sc. Media-Informatics

Sean Mirchi

Machine Learning Engineer at WearHealth
M.Sc. Media-Informatics

Abdullah Al Noman

Data Scientist at WearHealth
M.Sc. Media-Informatics

Barbara Andreon

Business Developer at WearHealth
Ph.D. candidate in Materials Science & Engineering

Diego Soliño Fernández

Business Developer at WearHealth
M.Sc. International Health and Business

Christian Klann

Digital Health Evangelist at WearHealth
B. Sc. Health Science

Xiaofen Peng

UI/UX Designer at WearHealth
M.Sc. Digital-Media Design


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