Machine Learning and Context Awareness for Health

We are designing a personal health assistant to save lives in a smart way.

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Artificial Intelligence that actively learns on behalf of its user

Artificial Intelligence that actively learns on behalf of its user

Health issues are developping fast and the health care system is not able to cope with the imbalance between health experts and patients. The solution is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The AI-driven platform learns from health experts and data from wearables to empower the Personal Health Assistance (PHA). The PHA takes sensor data from anywhere at any time and makes magic.

Health Care

Through machine learning WearHealth provides a unique solution to sustain the overloaded health care system that is facing problems like the lack of helath experts and an increasing number of chronical diseases. WearHealth focuses on the five major health challenges globally: overweight and obesity (percent of total death: 8.1%), diabetes (7.32%), inactivity (3.98%), smoking (10.6%) and hypertention (18.89%).

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Health Care


For machine learning sensor data is needed. Waerables track everything, everywhere and allow a acurrate insight in peoples every day life. The PHA runs on any wearable and medical device as well as on smart clothes, which work with health data, so that it can adapt to personal needs and health conditions.



Our passion is to maximize global health, enabling machines to think and coming up with smart solutions.

Enable sustainable and high quality health support.


Deliver health and life saving solutions using innovative technology.


Different industries working together for a better health care: health insurances, reinsurances, hospitals, pharma and science.


Professional exchange and relationships between different actors improve the research, development and implementation of PHA.


Collecting sensor data from wearable and medical devices to have a realistic insight in people's every day life.


We have first hand knowledge about the health care system and health issues that allows us to provide specific solutions to solve the greatest burdens of the health care system.

Personal Health Assistant (PHA)

WearHealth provides a health care solution, which learns from health relevant situations in everyday life. That allows us to have an impact providing personalized health assistance in diffrent situations.
Health Care
Compatible Assistant
Data Protection

Use Cases

Medication Adherence

The PHA promotes patients self-management and improves research.


The PHA detects smoking habits and is able to provide a tailored plan to reduce this unhealthy habit.


By detecting eating habits the PHA can assist the user creating and sticking to a healthier diet.